Things I’m Loving Lately – May 2013 Edition

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Inspired by a monthly section in Inc Magazine, I’ll just go through a few things that have been creating awesome in my life lately. This is a small part of my never ending quest to completely systematize, automate, and optimize “life” so I can free up more time to do what I really love which is… finding new ways to systematize life.

IMDB Iphone App for Tracking Movies

There’s nothing worse than coming up blank when someone asks you for movie recommendations. After watching dozens if not hundreds of movies and documentaries, I always want to track and document what has been watched. Facebook was the method of choice a few years ago, but their interface is clunky and pretty useless. IMDB seems to be much better for tracking previously watched movies.

facebook tracking movies

This is no good. Better is but even better than that is the iphone app. You can create a “To Watch” and then a “Viewed” list quickly. Better yet, you can edit them while watching movies on the couch rather than pulling up the computer screen. IMDB is on a growing list of websites where it’s actually quicker, easier and more user friendly to use the mobile app then the actual website.

Google Plus for Finding Groups

Facebook’s uglier younger brother with more sports talent. If Google ever figures out how to incorporate humanness and social into their products without it feeling like an emotionless computer programmer trying to give relationship advice, then Google Plus would be a worthwhile time- waster (oxymoron?). Google Plus is still generally awkward and clunky, but I see more people on it each month. If you dig, you can find worthy Google Plus groups with good discussions in whatever niche you like. I’ve been using it for SEO groups.

google plus community search


Splitting Work/Pleasure between Laptop/Ipad

One struggle in the life of a full time digital nerd is the blurred line between work and “play’, using ‘play’ loosely. After a long days work staring at the laptop, all you want to do is surf the World Wide Web for new music, viral videos, rap lyrics or Miley Cirus hate-memes on… that same laptop. Life becomes 15 hours straight of looking at the same laptop screen. I know the obvious solution would be to NOT ride the internet after ‘work hours’ and maybe go for a walk or, god forbid, talk to other humans, but that is crazy talk.

Solution: Laptop = work. Ipad = play Pic Template

What seems to work is: keep the ipad around for leisurely web surfing and use the laptop as much as possible for ‘work‘ only. Easier said than done, but as a general rule this works.

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  1. Cullen says:

    Great insight on Splitting Work/Pleasure between Laptop/Ipad

    Good content and thanks for your insights


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