Welcome to my (experimental) personal website/blog

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After much debate, I’ve decided to move all the one’s outputs that accumulate across the internet over many years of nerdom into one place.  This includes pics, videos, words, paragraphs, thoughts, ideas, rap lyrics, hymns, quotes, travel photos,  reading lists, watch lists, and inspiration.

Creating a site like this is not easy.  It took about 5 months of internal debating, 3 months putting it off, 2 months talking about it to friends about how it’s coming, and 2 more months to physically/internet-ally create.  

There are many reasons to create it, as well. 

  • I’ve been travelling a lot and my mom is getting really upset that I haven’t ‘shared enough experiences with my family”.
  • My memory seems to be getting worse with every red bull.  Must document important things or they will be gone, forever.
  • The realization that Facebook won’t always be around and I’ve been dumping every life detail into their system for 5 years. When Facebook disappears, my virtual life of pictures, ideas, and funny ish will all go with it if something isn’t done.
  • A new personal initiative become more of a ‘producer’ in life rather than ‘consumer’.  Each day I spend hours upon hour reading all the awesomeness others have created on the interwebs It’s time to give back.

Apologies if it comes off as self indulgent.

Apologies for grammatical errors.

Apologies for misuse of your/you’re and it’s its.

I will not apologize for

Your welcome for the rest.  Legggooo!

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